Wednesday, December 1, 2010

been a while


Apologies for not blogging for a while it seems life got busy again... Jana has been going really well with her drinking. We now have a special cup that is cut out to go around her nose and she drinks on a good day 400 mls of thickened water. Her eating is good but still something upsetting her and sometimes she doesnt eat her meals. I think her 3 year old molars are moving early.

Jana and her Mum have been going to Hydrotherapy every week and Jana loves it. We also chuck her in the spa when we get the chance but it is a bit small to do much. She is still doing conductive education and now we are trying to potty train her which is not so much fun. She loves her childcare and they are so great there with the extra things they do for Jana, we really are lucky to have her in this childcare. She comes home buggered and is asleep by 6.30pm.

Biorehab for kids has the sausage sizzle on the 26th - boxing day at Melville Bunnings so we should raise some good money towards the ABR clinics. We also got a spot on the 29th Jan so a double bonus.

Well better go . Jana says hi to everyone.


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