Wednesday, December 22, 2010

merry christmas

Hi all,

Jana has been an absolute champion the last 3 x weeks. She has been eating well and as happy as larry , and at childcare she has been doing some amazing paintings. She does them all unassisted which amazes me and they have all the kids crowding around her as she is the star of the class.

We have a busy patch coming up with xmas at our house this year plus Verena's nephew is staying with us. On boxing day we are having the sausage sizzle for the Biorehab for kids charity so a 6am start to pickup everything them finish at 5pm. Got plenty of helpers so will be a good day.

The biorehab for kids charity which pays for the Perth ABR Clinic costs got a much needed injection with a Telethon Grant which will see us through for at least another two years. That was such a relief as it was getting to a stressful stage as the money was running out fast.

Not much happening for the rest of christmas just spending lots of time with Jana and Verena and I'd say lots of beach. We took Jana to the beach a few times last year and she loves the water. The colder the better for her , she giggles her head off when you drop her in the cold water.

well hope you all have a great xmas and stay safe.

all the best from Paul , Verena and Jana. xx

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