Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just one last tooth.....

Hi everyone,

Well this week I have been in alot of pain from my last tooth and it is driving me crazy. It is a big one too and once this one is through I will be sleeping like a baby. I have been keeping Mum and Dad up all night and I can't get on my ABR machine at the moment.

I haven't been drinking much water either so Mum gives me mandarins to suck on and I get all the juice out of two mandarins at a time. My eating is still good and I even have solid food twice a day as well as my pureed fruit and vegies mixed with yoghurt.

Dad has been working alot on the house and has built a great backyard for me to play in. We now have a pergola to keep the sun off and the fish pond has been moved to give me more room. The spa is back running again so this weekend we start hydrotherapy again. It's a bit cold to do it at the moment at night so Sunday afternoons sound good to me.

This Saturday night we have Nanna and Gwen coming over and Dean and Seiko bring little Hikaru over. She is only 5 months old and very cute. Mum is going to cook a traditional Swiss fondue but I will be asleep so I won't get to taste it. Hopefully today I can be happy enough to go to childcare as I had a bad fever last night from my tooth. They have put me in with the big kids now and we have a great time.

OK next time we talk I will be happier as my tooth will be through.

Love Jana. xx

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

happy birthday jana

Happy birthday to me , happy birthday to me.

Two years old today , woohoo. We are having a party tonight and hopefully I get lots of great presents and yummy food.

I have been such a good girl this week and back to sleeping in my own bed after our long trip to Switzerland. I am back on the ABR machine at night and mummy is giving me the manual excercises as well to make me strong.

My last tooth is coming through soon and then thats it for a few years , gee I am sick of having sore teeth. Off to childcare today and they said I have grown up while I was away and they all missed me very much.


Luv Jana

Friday, July 2, 2010

Switzerland Holiday


Well we are all back from Switzerland and we had a great time.

Mum , Dad and me flew to Dubai and I slept the whole way on Dad's chest as it was bumpy and then we went from there to Zurich. We caught a train to Nanna's farm and met all my relatives I haven't seen yet. They all agreed I am very cute !

We then went to a small town called Zermat which is in the alps and on the way there we took a short cut which meant we had to drive our car onto a train and go through a big tunnel through the mountains. We stayed in the car and it was pitch black. When we got to Zermat the next day we went to Gornergracht and had lunch at 3200m high overlooking the Materhorn. We were there for 3 hours and Dad and I got sunburnt from the snow. Dad's whole face peeled off haha..

We also went for 3 x days to Germany to a town called Fussen and we visited the Nueswanstein Castle. It was amazing to see and the walk back from the castle down the hill was exciting in the pram !! My Aunty Margrit and Uncle Martin took us out for lunch in a castle on a balcony hanging over a cliff which overlooked the Rhein river then we went to the Rhein Falls which is a huge waterfall.

Then my tooth started to play up and I didn't eat for 5 days. It is my second last tooth and a big one. It was so sore Mum and Dad had to put my tube back in for a few days to get some water into me but after a week I came good and was a princess for the rest of the trip.

We went for lots of walks and day trips visiting people and then went to France to the Alsace region where they make wine.We stayed in Frances most beautiful village in a house that was 400 years old. The floor was very creaky and it looked right down the main town square. It was so cool of a place we loved it. Mum and Dad ate alot and loved the wine. I ate whatever Mum and Dad ate , oh I forgot to tell you I now love eating solid food and whenever Mum or Dad doesn't give me some food I get really cranky at them. Dad said I am a bit of a pig now when it comes to food!!

We then went back to Nanna's farm and had a farewell party with Tesi,Peter,Sasha and Mums friends and family at Ur's patio. We got the barbie going and Dad cooked up alot of meat and Aunty Elisabeth and Nanna did the salds. I stayed up until 11pm as I am now a party girl...

We said our goodbyes which was very sad and flew off to Dubai for a days stopover. When we got there we caught up with cousin Wayne and had a swim at the pool. Dad went off for a Desert Safari and got home that night then we flew off to Perth. I didn't cry the whole way back and was a good girl. We then got home and Nugget the cat was there waiting for us , he is fat now as everyone was feeding him lots.

Now we are home and I have to get used to sleeping at Perth time and getting back into the ABR machine and excercises. I am eating really well now and love my food , I so don't miss the tube.

Good to talk to you guys again and will let you know this weeks adventure soon.

Love Jana xxxx