Thursday, September 23, 2010

all better


My teeth are all through now and no more pain. The last 2 x days Mum has used a styrofoam cup with a cutout in it for my nose and she gets me to drink from that. Guess what I love it.... finally we found something that I can use to drink from that doesn't scare me. I have been drinking up to 300mm a day which means definately no more tube if I keep it up.

Becuase my teeth don't hurt anymore I am eating really well again and trying all sorts of different food. It is amazing how well I eat now after the "no tube program" mum and Dad did with me via Austria. I also do ABR every day and don't complain anymore. I just watch the Wiggles while Mum works on my back. At night I use the machine all night and now I have a big bed it is so easy. Mum or Dad usually end up sleeping in my bed now when I wake up as it is so comfy......

Soon we all go to Queensland as Dad has a conference to go to so we go too. We are staying at the Gold Coast and Mum and I are going to go to Seaworld and also go shopping. Can't wait it should be fun.

Ok better go. Lots of luv


Friday, September 3, 2010


Well this week we went to hydrotherapy again and I am loving it....we get to splash around and do excercises.
I am now in the toddlers room at childcare and this week I spent the whole day with the toddlers. Now I am with the big kids I have to do more things which is fun. I am slowly getting better after my last big tooth came through. It still really hurts and every day I get alot of pain from them.
Mum and Dad were excited becuase Mum's Bad Egg shirts got on the footy show the other night. Sam Newman wore our shirt on the show the last two weeks. Dad sent some shirts to him and he was good and wore them on the show. It was great !! I sent him a thankyou letter.
This weekend I spend alot of time at Nanna's which should be fun and Mum and Dad go out and relax. I have my tube back in for a few days again just to get some water into me as while my tooth hurts I don't drink at all and can't do poo's. Hopefully soon I will start to drink again.

Ok well we will see you next week.

Luv Jana xx