Saturday, May 8, 2010

what a great day

Hi everyone

Well we had such a great day at my fundraiser on the 18th April. We had 160 guests for a beautiful luncheon at Seaview Golf Club , the weather was awesome and the place looked so good with the view over the ocean.Mum and Dad spent alot of time getting everything ready but they said they loved it. It really looked great.

We had Adrian Barich from the Eagles / channel seven as the MC and he did such a fantastic job and was very funny. Daddy had organised an auctioneer called "tiny" Holly and he and Peter and his wife from Starworld framing did such a good job off selling all the stuff for me.We had Geelong,Eagles,Dockers,Collingwood jumpers , a guitar from the rolling stones and even Sir Richard Branson signed a shirt just for me when he landed his helicopter at Seaview a few weeks ago. Roger Federer signed a picture for me and we got alot of other stuff donated.People were so generous.
Tiny was so funny everyone was in hysterics. Daddy made a very touching slideshow to music which made everyone cry as it showed everyone how strong I have been the last two years.
The food was so nice and the chefs from Challenger TAFE served all 160 meals in just 12 minutes from Seaviews tiny kitchen.Mum and Dad were amazed at how they did it.
Once everyone met me they all donated their time even the 12 chefs and kitchenhands,waiters,Adrian Barich and Starworld framing. I was so happy all day and I didn't even have a sleep.
Anyway everyone had such a great time we all watched the sunset which was the best for months and Mum and Dad said they ordered that one just for me...
Some people came up to Mum and Dad and said it was the best function they had ever been to and we raised alot of money for my ABR and other treatments.

Lots of love Jana

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