Tuesday, April 13, 2010

big weekend coming up.

Hi everyone,

sorry I took so long to get back to you but we've been busy. Last week we had the ABR trainers over in Perth so we spent all weekend learning new exercises. I was a good girl most of the time but got pretty tired by the end of the day and cried a bit. I have lots of new teeth coming thru again so it hurts alot.

Mum and Dad had to put my tube back in just to give me water but I still love to eat. Hopefully we can take it out again this week as I have been so good with my food I am starting to drink little bits of water but from a spoon. The doctors in Austria will tell Mum what to do tonight and hopefully we can whip this tube out once and forall.

My big fundraising lunch at Dad's golf club is on theis Sunday and we have 160 people coming. I am really excited and Mum and Dad have been working flat out for 3 months on this day so hopefully we can raise lots of money to help me get ABR and other treatments.

Ok well I will let you know how we go next week

Love Jana.


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  1. Good luck for the weekend guys, I hope it is a huge success. She is so cute, how could people not want to help out!!!!!
    Great to see all three of you on the weekend.