Saturday, May 8, 2010

holiday and tube gone .....


Well after the fundraiser we went to Margaret River for the long weekend. I cried for the whole trip down there and Daddy was pretty stressed by the time we got there. But I was such a good girl after that , I had some pretty big teeth coming thru so thats why I was grumpy.

We had a great time and Mum and Dad took me to some Wineries and nice places along the beach. It was our first trip for over a year and I had so much fun. When we got back I was bit sick from all the teething so Mum had to put the tube back until I got better. Now I am all good again and we chucked the tube out for good now.....

It's mothers day tomorrow and Dad and I went shopping this morning for a present for Mummy. We got her some great things and also a present for Nanna.

I am eating so much now I can't believe I didn't like food and I even get really upset when I am hungry. Today I drank a whole bottle of water which Mum thickens for me and gives it to me with a spoon. Once I drink well we can definately throw that tube out wooowooo.

Only two weeks now until we visit my other Nanna in Switzerland and my Uncle and Aunties. I can't wait it should be great!!!

Ok I have to go and have a shower with Daddy and off to bed.

Goodnight love Jana xxx

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