Monday, February 8, 2010

lets get this tube out !!!!

Well I am really excited..... Mum and Dad have signed up for a special program called no tube in Austria and hopefully next week we will be doing alot of coaching over the net. We are just waiting for the final approval from my Doctors at Fremantle and we start.

What will happen is Mummy will get a big blanket on the floor and put all different types of food on it and we spend all day just playing with it. I get to try each taste and then after a few days we will take the tube out and try some solids. I have to be a good girl and eat otherwise I will get really hungry. But because I don't eat solids and only get tube fed Mummy says that I don't know what it is like to be hungry.

I think it will be good fun and it takes about 3 weeks. Mummy and Daddy are really proud of me and they think I will have a good chance of getting off this tube for good. Then I won't have to have that horrible tape on my face that gives me a nasty rash and that tube is so uncomfortable going down my throat.

I'm ready to eat !!!

Also some really exciting news Mum and Dad have organised a fundraiser lunch for me at Dad's golf course in April. This is to help me on my tube weaning and ABR and all the special things me and Mum do during the week. So far we have some great prizes and stuff to auction off and everyone has been great with their help. Mum is going to get the invites out in 3 weeks time and it is going to be a great day.

On a very sad note though we lost one of our friends Emma last week and we send all our love to her Mum and Dad and family. xxxxx


  1. Way to go Jana, I hope you really enjoy tasting all those yummy foods!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you have success. I remember the first time we took Caitlins tube out, it was so scary and so exciting and such hard work!!!! Be patient, she will get there but probably not before she does a whole lot of protesting first.
    Good luck for your fundraiser. I think we might need to catch up with Bio Rehab soon to work out how we go forward without the Lawsons and I'm not sure I can do it all without Sarah's help. Speak soon

  2. thanks Sam. Sorry it took so long to reply but Daddy doesn't know what he is doing some times on the computer but he said he worked it out now... Mummy said she is very proud of me so far. Mum and Dad will always be there to help out with the Biorehab. We all need to stick together. love Jana