Friday, January 22, 2010

a new toof....its not fun being sick.

Hi everyone...

well this week I have been a bit sick. Last Sunday when we drove up to Butler in the 43 degrees I started to cry because my tooth hurt. One of my canine teef started to come through so all week I had no sleep. Then to make it worse I got a stomach bug and was pooing all day.....and all week !

We went to Doctor Nelson and he makes me drink this stuff like cordial which makes me feel better but because I was sick I couldnt go to childcare and see my friends. Then on Thurday my canine toof finally came thru so that makes 13 teef... Mum and Dad are a bit tired because I keep them up all night

Good news though because Daddy is on holidays for a week to sand and paint upstairs and the roof. I have to move downstairs on Sunday while Daddy paints my roof in my room....he said it will be smelly for a while.

Mummy and Daddy have registered with a place in Graz Austria to help me get rid of this feeding tube. Hopefully we can do it via something called "netcoaching" otherwise we have to fly all the way over to Austria. We go and see my doctor Ian soon to see if he can help as should be really good fun to eat real food as it looks so nice when Mum and Dad eat dinner..

Mummy has started to plan a big fundraiser for me to raise money for my treatments. she said it will be a big dinner at Daddys golf club in April and all her friends are helping her...i cant wait.

ok i gotta go as Daddy is feeding me

love Jana xx

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