Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tube weaning.... food can be fun.

well this week we started the tube weaning and what Mum and I do is play alot with my food. I get it all over me and in my ears , all over the place. hehe

I didn't realise food was so much fun and every now and then I chew on a bit and swallow it. Other times I still choke a bit so we are taking it nice and slow.

Mum and I had lots of fun together this weekend as Daddy went to Victoria for 4 days. It was the first time Daddy hasnt been here since I was born and it was great to see him yesterday. Mummy did such a good job looking after me and we had lots of baths. I was a bit grumpy at times.

Daddy said that he did something wrong on the blog and we couldnt read the messages everyone was leaving but he fixed it now. Sorry I didn't get back to you guys but from now on we will.

Well better get back to bed.

Lots of love Jana xxxx


  1. Way to go Jana - keep up the good work!!!!
    I remember the tedious hours spent with Caitlin trying to get the meal time done - now she scoffs her food and gets cranky if we don't get it in her mouth fast enough.

  2. i cant wait to taste Dad's cooking..... mmmmm