Friday, January 8, 2010

Hi everyone I'm here.

well hi everyone... I think Daddy finally got his stuff together and has nearly got my site going.

He still isn't sure how it all works but he will figure it out.

Well this week Daddy went back to work and me and Mum got back into our routine of lots of ABR excercise , standing up , going to childcare and of course I had to chuck up a bit over Mum... my tube kept on coming out and I think Mum and Dad are getting tired of putting it back in. Me personnally I don't like it and one day soon I will learn how to eat again. My Mum and Dad have really nice food and it tastes good but as soon as I try to swallow it I chuck up and choke. I heard them say the other day they might try something in Austria at Graz to help me get off this nasal tube... we go to Switzerland in May to see my Nanna Margrit and all my Aunties and relatives I havent met yet.

OK well it was good to talk to you and hopefully we can tell some funny stories next week.

Bye Bye.

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