Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just one last tooth.....

Hi everyone,

Well this week I have been in alot of pain from my last tooth and it is driving me crazy. It is a big one too and once this one is through I will be sleeping like a baby. I have been keeping Mum and Dad up all night and I can't get on my ABR machine at the moment.

I haven't been drinking much water either so Mum gives me mandarins to suck on and I get all the juice out of two mandarins at a time. My eating is still good and I even have solid food twice a day as well as my pureed fruit and vegies mixed with yoghurt.

Dad has been working alot on the house and has built a great backyard for me to play in. We now have a pergola to keep the sun off and the fish pond has been moved to give me more room. The spa is back running again so this weekend we start hydrotherapy again. It's a bit cold to do it at the moment at night so Sunday afternoons sound good to me.

This Saturday night we have Nanna and Gwen coming over and Dean and Seiko bring little Hikaru over. She is only 5 months old and very cute. Mum is going to cook a traditional Swiss fondue but I will be asleep so I won't get to taste it. Hopefully today I can be happy enough to go to childcare as I had a bad fever last night from my tooth. They have put me in with the big kids now and we have a great time.

OK next time we talk I will be happier as my tooth will be through.

Love Jana. xx

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