Sunday, March 21, 2010

yummy yummy

well we are in week 5 of the tube weaning from Austria and I am now pigging out. Yesterday I had 5 x big tubs of food and even had some icecream with Mum and Dad at the beach in Rockingham. We went for a big drive and then walked all along the beach and had lots of fun.

I still don't like to drink water yet so Mummy says the tube stays until I start to drink. I have to learn how to swallow the water but I'm nearly there.

Mum is still working hard organising our lunch we are having at Seaview and we even got Sir Richard Branson to sign a shirt for me to auction when he landed his helicopter at Dad's golf club. We have shirts from Collingwood , Geelong , Dockers and Eagles all signed for me and Mummy even got Roger Federer to sign a picture for me (coz he's Swiss too !!)

Well hopefully by next blog I will be drinking then we can take the tube out.... wooowooo

Love Jana xxxx

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  1. I hope everything goes well with the fundraiser! It sounds like it will be a great success!!